While I sit at my desk writing this post there is white stuff falling from the sky. It is slightly hard to believe that spring is just around the corner… even more difficult to believe that spring practices start THIS SATURDAY! Yikes, time flies when you’re stuck on an erg, right?

White stuff or not- this Saturday (March 1st) marks the first official practice of the WBC Juniors Spring Racing Season.There is a MANDATORY informational meeting at 9 am for all rowers and parents. We will review the attendance policy, the racing schedule, and boathouse rules and policies. We should be finished a little before 11am.

If you and/0r a parent are unable to attend, please let Sheila know ASAP!

Let this blog post serve as a friendly reminder to start gearing yourself up for the spring season. Winter training is a bit more lax when it comes to attendance- from here on out you are expected to be at EVERY practice, with any absences kept to a minimum and excused ahead of time. Obviously, if you are to sick to come to school you are to sick to come to practice! But please let your coach know ASAP so boatings can be changed accordingly. Also, please bear in mind that the word “spring” doesn’t necessarily mean “warm” so plan your wardrobe accordingly. Layers are KEY, and try to keep cotton out of your base layer. The weather for the next few weeks will be hard to predict, and there may very well be some days we are back on land, bring more clothes than you think you need and you will probably be ok. Extra socks are VERY smart to have for your ride home… just trust me on that one.

Here’s to the polar vortex moving back up to Canada where it belongs, the river staying high with a decent current, the wind staying low, & a spring of FAST RACING!