Better late than never, right? Or that’s what they say…

On Saturday, June 14, WBC’s loaded trailer  headed down river for the first race of the summer season- the Schuylkill Navy Regatta. The juniors hadn’t started practice, yet, so this trip was the first outing for the masters & our college competitive program. It was a gorgeous day (& after the spring we endured I believe we were all OWED a nice race day). The sun was shining & the flow rate was up; the only downside was the gusty crosswind pushing everyone off to port & causing some not-so-fun-times getting races aligned. But, we all ended the day upright & dry (which can’t be said by all the clubs who raced). All in all a successful outing!

Here are the results-

  • Carter Law in the Intermediate 1x took second in his heat & 6th in his final
  • The Men’s Master 4+ took 3rd in their raw time & 3rd after the handicap
  • Lauren Lehane took 4th in Flight #1 of the Women’s Master 1x
  • Julie Waterbury in the Women’s Lightweight Masters 1x took 2nd in her raw time & 3rd after the handicap
  • Sean Sullivan took 4th in Flight #1 of the Men’s Master 1x
  • Keith Wobeser brought home GOLD in the Men’s Lightweight Master 1x (overcoming a 20+ second handicap!)
  • Our 2 Women’s Intermediate 4s took 3rd & 4th in their final
  • Gavin Kerr & Dave Baugh finished 2nd in Flight #3 of the Men’s Master 2x
  • The Women’s Master 8+ finished 3rd in their raw time & 3rd after the handicap
  • The Men’s Master 8+ took 4th in their raw time & 4th after the handicap
  • BOTH Men’s Master 4x’s brought home GOLD in their respective flights
  • The Women’s Intermediate 8+ finished 3rd in their final

Nice job, everyone!

Next up- The Independence Day Regatta which will find the trailer even more crowded as we will add the U23s & the competitive juniors to the mix. Stay tuned for results…