Thank you to WBC volunteers for your service to the club and community

President: Amy McBlane

Vice President: Laura Roberts

Treasurer: Elizabeth Pope

Recording Secretary & Vaccine Records Specialist: Michele Morris

Board Members at Large:

John Curran, Colleen Campbell, Duncan Hudson, Tom Meehan, Jane Voss

Special Board Member: Ben Chang

Past President: Julie Waterbury

Standing and Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Financial Secretary: Susan Ruck
  • Captain: John Stapleton
    • Fleet Planning: Ben Chang
    • Club Coxswain: Tom Meehan
    • Quartermaster: Joel Tachau
    • Coaches Liaison: Nanda Hydrisko
    • Session Adjuster: Patti Rosser
    • Coaches Schedulers: Jason Beck & Dan Kelly
    • Launch Coordinator: Jason Beck
    • Lineups & Regattas: John Ryan
  • Building Improvements and Maintenance: Jack Voss
  • Junior Program Coordinator & Masters Learn to Row Coordinator: Marie Leonard
  • Membership Chair: Wai Chang
  • Events Chair: Donna Ford, Heather Hollis
    • Corporate Learn-to-Rows: Marie Leonard, Cindy Sucro
  • Fundraising Chair: Jane McNeil
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Initiative Leaders: Jane Detwiler & Samantha Garrity
  • Safety Officer: Duncan Hudson
  • Treasurer’s Financial Assistant
    • Ariel Blumencwejg
  • Finance Committee
    • Susan Berri-Gorrelli
    • Ariel Blumencwejg
    • Geoff Marshall
    • Bernadette Pinamont
  • President’s Technology Assistants
    • iCrew: Ana Eiras
    • Website: Chloe Carrow
    • Google Workspace Administrator: Jess McAlear