Whitemarsh Boat Club “masters” members (a master is anyone age 21 and up regardless of experience) represent a diverse range of ages, experience and skill levels. Many members learned to row as adults through a WBC Learn to Row class. Other members rowed in high school or college and are returning to the sport as adults. All, regardless of background, are welcomed and integrated into the life of the club through our spirit of inclusiveness.

Coached Sessions – Club Rows and Racing Practices

During the rowing season (mid-March through November) WBC conducts 4 coached Club Rows (focus on technique), 2 coached Racing Practices, and a land circuit training session each week.

During the winter months (December to mid-March), WBC conducts 2 coached erg (rowing machine) sessions, 3 coached on water sessions (conditions permitting), and one land circuit training session each week.

Schedule is available on request.

Independent Rowing

Masters members who are qualified may be approved to use certain club boats without a coach when the equipment is not being used by one of the other WBC programs and conditions are safe for rowing.

Adult Learn-to-Row Programs

Adult Learn-to-Row programs are conducted over 10 sessions and provide participants with an introduction to the sport of rowing. All novice rowers interested in becoming a WBC member must participate in one of WBC’s Learn-To-Row programs.

Corporate Team Building Learn-to-Row Programs

Whitemarsh Boat Club offers a unique and highly effective team building program for companies, nonprofits, military veterans, and other organizations. Our program enhances individual and team growth through hands-on rowing experiences that have a direct connection to teamwork, trust, accountability and communication.

WeCanRow Program

WeCanRow promotes the sport of rowing for women recovering from breast cancer to develop healthy and strong bodies, become active participants in their own recovery, rediscover the joy of movement, and be part of a group of women with a common bond supporting each other.

Guest Rowers

Anyone with prior rowing experience is welcome to join us as a guest at a coached practice (Club Row). Guests may participate up to 3 times during the year. Guests must register, sign a USRowing waiver, and should be accompanied/hosted by a current WBC member. If a guest rower does not know any current members, or has any other questions about guest rowing, please CONTACT US.

Experienced rowers interested in joining the club should participate as a Guest at a Club Row where a WBC officer or coach will evaluate rowing proficiency of the prospective member. They will then recommend immediate membership acceptance or advise them to participate in one of WBC’s Learn-to-Row or “Technique and Transition” programs.

Social Events

Whitemarsh Boat Club holds many social events throughout the year. Some are long standing traditions, others are onetime opportunities simply scheduled as they come along. All allow us the opportunity to mix and mingle and get to know each other away from the discipline and focus of rowing and training. These include the Annual Super Bowl Sunday Ski Trip to Elk Mountain, Row B Que, Jersey Shore Beach Day, Crab Fest Biennual Fundraiser, Head of the Pumpkin (Mixed Masters and Juniors) Regatta, and the WBC Holiday Party along with many other impromptu celebrations.


For a membership application and other information about WBC CONTACT US. For 2021 schedule of general membership dues Click here