Learn to Erg program for Winter 2022-2023

Rowing is a sport suited for virtually anyone; anyone of any age, any size, any gender can learn to row. No particular athletic ability or hand-eye coordination is required. It is a non-contact, no impact sport that exercises all major muscle groups providing health advantages for anyone at risk of diabetes, hypertension, CAD, etc. And rowing is the ultimate team sport.

Whitemarsh Boat Club (WBC) is starting a winter Learn to Erg program intended for anyone that wants to try out rowing in an indoor setting before tackling an on-water Learn to Row (LTR).

The primary focus will be on technique, stroke mechanics, understanding the performance monitor, understanding ratio and power application that will directly translate to rowing on the water. A secondary focus will be on developing the strength, flexibility and endurance required to take your rowing to the next level.

Participants will use the ergs on campus. WBC is located at 801 Washington Street, Conshohocken PA 19428.

Minimum of 3 participants and maximum of 36 participants per session. Sign up through icrew.

The program consists of one-hour sessions, 2x per week:

Sunday mornings at 9am

Thursday evenings at 6:15pm (after clearance from the coach)

There will be 30 total sessions offered. Please note our 2nd session is scheduled for Monday evening. After that we will meet on Sundays and Thursdays (after clearance from the coach).


11/20 11/28 (Mon 6:30p)



12/1 12/4

12/8 12/11

12/15 12/18

12/22 12/25 OFF

12/29 1/1 OFF


1/5 1/8

1/12 1/15

1/19 1/22

1/26 1/29


2/2 2/5

2/9 2/12

2/16 2/19

2/23 2/26


3/2 3/5

3/9 3/12

COST – 30 sessions for $260. (OR choose any 10 sessions for $130)


CONTACT – If you are interested, or have specific questions, please contact me – Dale Parenti (dparentidesign@gmail.com)