Board of Directors

WBC’s Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategic path for the organization.  They also help to coordinate our many volunteers, programs, and our fleet.

  • President/Board Member & Board Chair: Heather Hollis
  • Vice President/Board Member: Dan Kelly
  • Treasurer/Board Member: Elizabeth Pope
  • Secretary/Board Member: Donna Ford
  • At-Large Board Member: Susan Ruck
  • At-Large Board Member: Rick Schwartz
  • At-Large Board Member: Laura Roberts
  • At-Large Board Member: Patti Rosser
  • At-Large Board Member: Mark Allen
  • Special Board Member – Youth Representative: Sarah Foss
  • Special Board Member – Coach Representative: Joseph Sullivan

Operations Committee

WBC’s operations committee ensures that the day-to-day run of the club operates smoothly.

  • Captain: John Stapleton
  • Membership Chair: Wai Chang
  • Financial Outgoing Secretary: Kristi Bushman
  • Financial Incoming Secretary: Lynda Kellam
  • Events Committee Chair: Andrea Cabrelli
  • Club Coxswain: Joel Tachau