Thank you for coming to our Donation Page!

Thank you for considering making a donation! Whitemarsh Boat Club appreciates donations of any size. Your donation will help us to accomplish our mission of teaching people not only to row, but to love rowing. WBC is a community rowing organization dedicated to the advancement of the sport of rowing for rowers of all ages from 12 to 87 and all levels from learn to row to world class athletes. Your support helps WBC keep our mission strong so that we can continue to provide safe and enriching programs to all regardless of their financial ability. With members like you, we can continue moving forward with the possibility of an endowment that will provide for generations of rowers at WBC.

In 2005, the club was founded by a group of parents who saw firsthand how the sport of rowing positively affected their young high school students. We foster a welcoming, inclusive environment for rowers and prospective rowers of all backgrounds, abilities, races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations. WBC promotes sportsmanship, friendship, and good physical and mental health through competitive and recreational rowing. Part of what makes rowing such an impactful sport in the young lives of our rowers are the skills that come from being part of a crew team: leadership, discipline, maturity, problem-solving, resilience, respect, self-esteem, and sportsmanship. We want rowing to be as accessible as basketball and soccer. We want to give everyone the chance to fall in love with rowing!

Whitemarsh is housed in the largest boathouse on both the upper and lower Schuylkill. Our club offers a wide variety of singles, doubles and quads of any boathouse in Philadelphia. We aim to provide our members with the safest and latest rowing shells. We want to expose everyone, adults and children alike, to this sport that we love.

Scholarship Fund for Masters

Your contribution will allow any master who demonstrates financial need to row in any of our program levels which span Learn-to-Row all the way to High Performance Athletes with goals of going to Worlds or Olympics.

Power10 Fund for Youth

With your financial contribution to the POWER10 Fund, we will be able to provide the cost of a rowing program to any youth with financial need who has the physical ability and desire to row. This fund is also used to purchase equipment that will be used by youth as well as cover youth coaching costs.

Equipment Fund

Your contribution will go to equipment which is used and maintained on a daily basis, as it is shared by masters and juniors alike. Rowing boats range in price from $5,000 to $50,000

WeCanRow Fund

Your contribution will go to support our WeCanRow program, a Nation wide program, which teaches rowing to breast cancer survivors at a pace suited to their abilities and special circumstances.

High Performance Athletes

Your contribution will support our High Performance athletes who plan to compete at World Rowing Championships this Fall and are hopeful of making the US National Rowing Team to compete at the Olympics in 2024!


We are currently honoring two impressive ladies who have given much to our sport: Lois Trench-Hines and Sybil Terres-Gilmar. They have both contributed to make rowing possible for all of us at WBC. Lois purchased the boathouse. Sybil started rowing at the age of 65. They have both worked to keep the wheels in motion despite adversities such as a pandemic and a flood. They are both hard workers. Lois keeps things running at the boathouse including communication to all members, boathouse repairs, securing new racks when we need them, and making sure money is available to pay for all these things. Sybil keeps track of the people and the boats. She inspires rowers young and old alike with her spunk and determined attitude. Sybil came up with the idea of the HRC Task Force to allow us to row again during the pandemic. Overall, these ladies have made the difference for so many people who can now enjoy paddling on the river or competing at the highest level. They are to be commended. We thank them for their time, dedication, inspiration, and good spirit.

Lois has named the Vespoli SD135 “Task Force” and Sybil has named the SLW Wintech Racer “Lois & George.” Please give to our POWER 10 scholarship fund to help us honor these ladies.

Whitemarsh Boat Club appreciates donations of every size! THANK YOU!