2024 Summer Race Team

Who is the Summer Race Team?

  • High School athletes
  • Both experienced and new rowers
  • Competitive team that races other clubs in the region
  • Athletes that want to perform at a high level in practice and in races
  • Gain racing and rowing experience in a competitive environment

Program Goals & Expectations

  1. Create a fun and competitive environment for athletes
  2. Dedicate time to practice 5 days a week
  3. Train and compete in both sweep and sculling boats
  4. Commit to racing in regattas

Schedule: June 17-August 5

  • Practice times
    • Tuesday-Friday 4:00-6:30 PM
    • Saturday 11:00 AM-1:30 PM
    • Drop off beings 15 minutes before practice, and pick up ends 15 minutes after practice.
  • Regattas
    • Independence Day Regatta – Philadelphia, PA June 28-30
    • Philadelphia Youth Regatta – Philadelphia, PA July 20
    • Royal Canadian Henley – St. Catherines, ON Canada July 28-August 4 (Only select athletes will be chosen for this regatta, make sure to have a valid passport.)
    • Coaches must be notified if an athlete is unable to attend a scheduled event. Regatta weekends are demanding, and athletes are expected to help with trailer loading and unloading as well as derigging and rerigging the boats.

Program Information

Registration is now open for this program! Please use this link to register, and follow the directions below.

  1. You will need to sign in or create a new Regatta Central profile.
  2. Add your athlete as the participant and click “Next”.
  3. Fill out all required fields.
  4. The last question contains a link for program payment. Hover your cursor over the answers, copy and paste this URL into a new window to complete the payment. Hit “Next” once finished.
  5. Your athlete will be registered once you click “Register” on the next page.
  6. To complete registration your athlete must be a USRowing Basic Member ($25.00).
    1. Use this link to continue to the USRowing site.
    2. If you have a USRowing account, log in under “Member Portal” and make sure you are a Basic Member.
    3. If you do not have a USRowing account, click “Register Here” under the Basic Membership tab.
    4. To affiliate with WBC, search “Whitemarsh” in the “Team or Club Name” and use our code APKCM to register.

The total price of the Summer Racing Team is $1700. Payment to secure your spot is due upon registration. A coxswain discount of $200 will be applied to all full-time coxswains, and a part-time discount of $100 will be applied to athletes who both row and cox. For siblings on the team there is a $50 discount. Please reach out to the Youth Administration team if you feel and of these discounts apply to your situation by emailing them here.

WBC believes that all athletes, no matter their financial status, should have the opportunity to row. To aid athletes in this, WBC is pleased to offer a scholarship for our Youth Programs. If you believe this applies to you or your athletes, please follow the directions on this form. The scholarship committee will review these submissions and contact you about your scholarship status.

If you have any more questions, you can email us here.