Winter Race Team

What is the Winter Race Team?

  • This team focuses on increasing an athlete’s fitness through the winter to prepare them to have their best Spring Season.
  • This team will primarily practice indoor on the ergometers.  They will supplement this training with lifting, as well as any on water time that weather permits.
  • Competing on the WBC Winter Team guarantees an athlete’s spot on WBC’s Spring Race Team.

Who should join?

  • New or experienced high school athletes!
  • Athletes looking to increase their cardiovascular fitness before Spring Racing.
  • Athletes who want to stay in touch with the rowing motion while off of the water.
  • Athletes who want to increase power and acceleration by doing resistance training.
  • Athletes who may have an interest in participating in Indoor Sprint races.

Program Information

Please check back with us for more information on practice schedules, and program fees as we get closer to the start of the season.  Registration will open in November, if you would like to receive an email when registration goes live please fill out this form to be added to our mailing list.

If you have more questions please email our Youth Administration team here.