Fall Racing Team

Who is the race team?

  • Athletes both with and without experience!
    • 9th-12th graders with no experience
    • 8th-12th graders with experience
  • Athletes who want to compete and race
  • Athletes who want to focus on their technique and build their aerobic base

What is Fall Racing?

Fall regattas and racing focuses on longer distances, usually between 3k and 6k in length.  These longer races are just as intense, and the training will help athletes build a strong aerobic base that will set them up for success for their winter and summer seasons.  Coxswains on the team will learn proper steering, and come to understand the rowing stroke better, both skills will make them a valuable coxswain in the spring.


September 9-November 11

  • Please check back for practice information as we get closer to the start of the season

Potential Regattas

  • September
    • King’s Head Regatta
  • October
    • Head of the Housatonic
    • Navy Day Regatta
    • Head of the Charles (select athletes)
    • Head of the Schuylkill
  • November
    • Pumpkin Regatta
    • Mercer Fall Classic (select athletes)
    • Frostbite Regatta
    • Braxton Memorial Regatta

Please check back for exact dates on these regattas, and an updated schedule.