King’s Head Regatta – Sunday September 24!

You can find everything about the regatta at the following links:
Heat Sheets
Regatta Central – Kings Head Regatta
The King’s Head Regatta Website (note this is the 2022 version that has not been updated for 2023)


Event 9: 9:20 AM Mens Youth Ltwt JV 1x competition – BoatID 400 Daniel Neary

Event 26:
10:20 AM Mens Youth 4x (Commodore’s Trophy) competition – BoatID 348 Entry A: Brad Rhodes, Aidan McDonnell, Henry Yoon, Tiernan Flanagan – BoatID 349 Entry B: Iain Levine, Karl Engel, Ryan McLaughlin, Michael Ruschmann

Event 27
: 10:25 AM Mens Youth JV 4x competition – BoatID 347 Entry A: Rowan Davis-Booth, Michael Ciarmoli, Ethan Karten, Jackson Klein

Event 30:
10:25 AM Mens Jr Novice 4x competition – BoatID 368 Entry A: Seth Gerdeman, Weston Messner, George Schalick, John Walish
BoatID 369 Entry B: Ryan Potts, August Gienopie, Grant Goldfine, Fin Davis-Booth

Event 44:
11:30 AM Womens Youth 8+ (Lois Trench-Hines Cup) competition
– BoatID 341 Entry A: Talia Frisch, Grace Conroy, Gabriella Caintic, Nora Barth, Heidi Davis, Elizabeth Hicks, Beatrix Lay, Brooke Busk, Sadye Levensten
– BoatID 343 Entry A: Jalyle Aguirre, Piper Konz , Laila Stein, Taylor Brennan, Sydney Hrlic, Addison Newdeck, Christine Lee, Elise Justman, Valerie Xu Event 59: Womens Youth JV 8+ competition
– BoatID 342 Entry A: Madeline Ford, Camilla Crandell, Stella Hollenbach, Sansan (Yi-An) Lu, McKenzie-Rose Johnson, Brooke Pekula, Molly Murphy, Sharon Moola, Emma Eschelman

Event 46:
11:30 AM Womens Jr Novice 8+ competition – BoatID 410 Entry A: Saara Deshpande, Esme Baxter, Tisya Desai, Finley Myers Myers, Sanaya Phadnis, Asher Mack, Sofia Medrano-Pizarro, Adar Arieli, Vivienne Kwait

Event 47: 12:30 PM Mens Youth 2x (Taphouse 23 Trophy) competition
-BoatID 350 Entry A: Ryan McLaughlin, Michael Ruschmann
-BoatID 351 Entry B: Iain Levine, Karl Engel
-BoatID 404 “>Entry C: Brad Rhodes, Tiernan Flanagan
-BoatID 406 Entry D: Aidan McDonnell, Henry Yoon

Event 48: 12:45 PM Mens Youth JV 2x competition – BoatID 408 Entry A: Daniel Neary, Rowan Davis-Booth

Event 51: 1:00 PM Mens Jr Novice 2x competition
– BoatID 370 Entry A: George Schalick, John Walish
– BoatID 371 Entry B: Henry Godin, Finnian Levine – Event 86: Womens Youth 4+ competition
– BoatID 352 Entry A: Isabella Godin, Brooke Busk, Beatrix Lay, Elizabeth Hicks, Sadye Levensten

Event 68: 2:30 PM Womens Youth JV 4+ competition – BoatID 346 Entry A: Catherine Fitzhenry, Laila Stein, Addison Levensten, Delani Rose, Aubrey Lewis

Event 69: 2:45 PM Womens Youth 4x (Commodore’s Trophy) competition
– BoatID 344 Entry A: Daphna Nevler, Allison Tan, Arla Cain, Graciela Preetam
– BoatID 345 Entry B: Aubrey Lewis, Ava Winston, Valerie Xu, Elise Justman

Event 70: 2:55 PM Womens Youth JV 4x competition
– BoatID 419 Entry A: Stella Hollenbach, Eme Choi, Sansan (Yi-An) Lu, Christine Lee
– BoatID 420 Entry B: Avery McCarthy, Sarah Antczak, Gabriella Andolino, Olivia Rathnayaka

Event 71: 3:00 PM Womens Jr Novice 4x competition – BoatID 416 Entry A: Lisa Tang, Shaivi Vuyyuru, Kavya Senthil, Sahara Stewart


NOVICES: Anyone not rowing at Kings Head Regatta will row at Head of the Christina, in addition some who did row at King’s Head.
TRAILER LOADING: will be after practice on Saturday.
TRAILER UNLOADING: 5-6:30 PM on Sunday.
From the Parent Boosters:
First off, we are so excited for our first regatta! A great way to kick off fall right here in Philly!
Second, we wanted to provide an update on the activities that Boosters are hosting this weekend for rowers and coaches as well as families.

  • Carb Loading Luncheon is cancelled due to rain.
  • Regatta Support.
    • Trailer: we will have healthy snacks, beverages, and supplies (garbage bags!) for your and your rowers use. We will replenish this every regatta.
    • Tent: with a broader selection of foods, we will host all rowers, coaches, families and Master’s for the event. Please let the rowers know that we will have sandwiches and other “lunch” items there; and, as always, we’ll do our best to make sure we get you fed too!
    • Given this location, there is no Chuck Wagon / grilling available.

For re-rigging, we will break out the remaining snacks and beverages for kids/Masters to enjoy while putting our equipment away.
Finally, please remember Yom Kippur starts Sunday late afternoon so there may be rowers that will not attend re-rigging to observe this holy day.
If you have other suggestions, questions, or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Otherwise, here’s to an amazing Fall Race Season!

– Sarah