As the popularity of our summer programs grows we are faced with the challenge of keeping rowing available to the greatest number of athletes possible, while still allowing our most committed athletes to gain speed over the summer months. To face this challenge in the summer of 2016 we will be designating some of our Junior Racing Team members “High Performance.”

Why High Performance over Junior Racing?

  • With the “HP Team” you know you will be racing with like-minded athletes. All members of this group will be fully committed to the entire summer of practices & regattas. The goal of this group will be to compete at the highest levels of summer racing.
  • Athletes who are designated as members of the “HP Team” will be given priority on equipment & events at regattas.

Who can join the High Performance Racing Team?

  • Athletes who have expressed interest in fully committing to the entire summer of training & racing can be part of this designation. Anyone interested should EMAIL US OR if you have been on our teams in the past feel free to contact Head Coach Joe Sullivan directly.
  • Summer of 2021 we will not be requiring erg test scores as part of the qualification process, this might change in the future. This summer all we are looking for is a group of athletes who are 100% dedicated to the process & ready to compete.

How do I register for the High Performance Team?

  • Registration for the HP Team is done the same way as our Junior Racing Team. The cost of the program is the exact same as this is a level of commitment not an increased training load. Direct link coming soon- Summer Racing Registration
  • Practice & Regatta schedule, along with all pricing information can be found HERE
  • Early bird prices are good through May 21, 2016.

My best friend will be traveling this summer & joining the Racing Team, but I will be in town all summer long. Will I still be able to practice & possibly race with my friend?

  • Absolutely. Practices for both teams are at the same time. Often the groups will train together &, when the racing schedule permits, there will be opportunities for the groups to combine into larger boats at regattas. Example- if your priority boat is a double & the regatta schedule has enough time for you to also race in a quad the coaches will do everything they can to make that happen.
  • Our goal is to give the athletes who are at every single practice every opportunity to succeed; our goal is NOT to exclude those athletes who have previous summer obligations.

We expect there will be a slew of questions about this new direction. PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US!